August 29, 2008

Monarch World Travelers

The Minnesota Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) are building up nectar reserves right now before their unbelievable journey to Michoacan, Mexico. I took these photos of Monarch butterflies in my garden. They love the giant zinnias!

Also, don't forget, they cannot survive without milkweed. The larva/caterpillar eats only milkweed, and the plant gives the Monarch it's poisonous properties, protecting it from predators.
The Monarch is the state butterfly of Minnesota, adopted in 1998.

Click the map to go to the web site for "Journey North" and learn about Monarch fall migration and tracking. Buen Viaje, Mis Amigos! Que Les Vaya Bien!


Beth said...

Neza - great photos of the Monarchs. The color is stunning. Thanks for adding my quote to the main page :O) Rock on'!

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buedamau said...

what can i say more?! you just take the pictures to another level...
one question,
what camera do you use?