February 27, 2008

Who Can Identify The Body?

Time for a winter identification game.

See how many of these 'Sleeping Beauties' you can identify. You Northerners should do better on this. The photographs were just taken in Minnesota. What else is there to do during the long frozen winter? Answers are in the side bar, lower on the page.

February 15, 2008


"I'm not waitin' on a lady...I'm just waitin' on a THAW".

February 6, 2008

Oh-Oh, February

Darn, It's February.
That means I need to decide whether I'm going to attempt to start seeds this year, or just avoid the hassle and buy all my annuals. I don't have a lovely little sunroom or greenhouse, so seedlings have to go in the window; and in Minnesota we don't have enough sunlight yet to grow strong seedlings, so a grow light is needed during these first months. The timing is always tricky, because the plants may grow too much too fast, and we can't put them outside safely until possibly Mid May. I suppose it's worth a try...so I'll start collecting my little pots and egg cartons and see what I can get started.

...A few seeds I'm starting: Coleus, Zinnia , Chiles, an assortment of tomatoes, Marigolds, and Mexican zucchini.