April 4, 2008

A Rabbit Ate My Garden and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Rabbit Night Green Tee Shirt

Assessing the damage... I was too lazy last fall to put fencing around every plant in my yard...and now that the snow has melted, the realization is setting in... This rabbit carries a pair of Felcos and is a ruthless pruning maniac.
Anybody wanna buy a pound of little round garden balls?


Some favorite woody plants for my little garden buddy: My Rosebushes, Dogwood, Sand Cherry (prunus), Burning Bush , Spiraea, and Bittersweet Vine.
The bottom of the bittersweet looks like a cheese grater was rubbed on it all winter !
This is war ...I'm calling Elmer Fudd.

Wabbit Season


Ewa said...

oh my, oh my,
I had no idea they can make such damage...
I feel sorry for you and your favourite plants :(

Zoƫ said...

Thanks for calling by, I am glad the flowers cheered you.

It so soul destroying when Rabbits and Deer start eating your garden; I know from experience!

I'll be back, I enjoy your sense of humour :-)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow. I don't know how I missed this post, but dang. I'm glad my bunnys are in the hutch and not lose in the garden.

GardenJoy4Me said...

neza .. love your tools for the season ... hey, Spring is coming on strong .. here I worked most of the afternoon on just one border .. long but narrow .. a robin followed me around for what might skittle out of the cloud of activity.
Hey .. we have a lot of plants in common ! Purplle Sandcherry, spirea, Bittersweet, roses .. we had rabbits in the first years here and they ATE our first apple tree .. now we haven't seen them for a couple of years .. don't know what happened.
Hang in there girl .. the good times will rool on !

peter hoh said...

For me, it's squirrel damage that's driving me crazy.

Now, if only they could breed a rabbit that preferred to eat creeping charlie. . . .

The Garden Faerie said...

I'll see your rabbit and raise you a groundhog. Um, actually, no. I think your rabbits did more damage. BTW, I didn't realize anyone else in the US knew Hothouse Flowers. And what about "Peaches" by The Stranglers (way old school)? :)
~ Monica

chey said...

So that's what garden damage looks like. Ouch! We had a rabbit around our neighbourhood last fall, but we didn't see any damage at that point. I didn't realize that they could be so destructive.Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

That bad rabbit! I have some branches chewed off to. I wish I could get rid of the rabbits in my garden!!