April 17, 2008

Party This Weekend at Blotanical


Just before Earth Day, I thought I would pay homage to a friend of mine, named Blotanical.

He is my ultimate contact for all my garden party friends. Just one click over to his site, and I can meet other gardeners from around the world doing things from Xeriscape to Water Gardens… Cat Zen Retreats to Rodent-ravaged mayhem.
When you’re a ROCKER like me, you have to meet lots of people. I’ve met everyone from Plant Gurus to a Confused Grannie.

Even though I can’t spell Fluffius Muppetus, I know it’s always MillerTime at Lisa’s place. People at Blotanical are very honest. They admit to being a Garden Fool, or a Bamboo Geek. They will openly say they’re a Cheap Vegetable Gardener, or will just tell you to Leave Me Alone. Sometimes you’ll run into a Wicked Gardener, or someone may be so bold, that they tell you to Kiss My Aster !!

Blotanical is fun for garden bloggers. If you like to destroy the competition, you’ll love the points system, and the networking. If you aren’t competitive, and like to just sit around reading Weeder’s Digest and telling Wild Garden Stories, you’ll still like the Blotanical directory of Garden Blogs.


Go check it out if you haven’t…It’s an International Garden Party that’s always new.