April 24, 2008

2008 R-n-R Gardener's Annual Guitar "Picks"

(For Containers and Hanging Baskets)
My colors this year for annual flowers are: Burgundy, Orange, Wine Red, Hot Pink and "Deep Purple".

I'm declaring out of style: Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea) ...barf.
...it's so... 'last 2 years'.

And along those lines...Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia) has been used a lot, so plant sparingly.
F.Y.I. : Dracena Spikes have been out of style for a while now if you weren't paying attention!...If you're still using spikes, turn off your computer right now...you need to get out more. And any silver plant...BBFN (bye bye for now).
Also out of style, although I love it still: Portulaca (Moss Rose).

And one color that's not cool: Pepto Bismol pink...It's abysmal. In Minnesota, we don't have much time for annuals...so make it fabulous, go big, Rock it out!

Here are some hot plants I will be using in containers this year:

Grasses...Any clump-forming grass is awesome- (Purple Fountain Grass is still in).

Coleus...Very Hot- There are many new varieties...it's very fun and totally in my colors!

Chenille Plant...It's back, it's hot, it's fun and funky.

New Petunia varieties...I love one called Tie Dye- it changes colors.

Torenia is a pretty alternative to trailing petunias...I like "Pink Moon"

Canna w/dark colorful leaves...like 'Tropicana' ....(The white variegated canna seem to scorch in full sun).

Heuchera (Coral Bells)..OK, it's a perennial, but awesome anywhere in part sun.

"That's Hot".