June 30, 2011

Crimson and Lucky Clover Over and Over

 Have you ever found a four-leaf-clover?  Well, I have found about 60 in the last 2 months. I'm finding them in 2 different locations which are not near each other. Perhaps I'd find them in other places too, but I haven't scoured the city yet. It began as a surprise as I walked my dog, then started to get a little weird.. Now I just expect to find them. I don't remember ever finding one before in my life, or even having any hopes of finding one. Now I think about them all the time and have a large collection pressed in my "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".
According to the internet, you only will find a four-leaf-clover among 10,000 regular 3-leaved clover. But I can tell you it's not completely random. They grow in concentrated areas. The four leaved clusters are attached to plants with regular 3-leaved clusters, but nearby, there will soon be another 4-leaf.  Also, this has to be "White Clover"...not other clover look-alikes.
I started pressing them in a book, and didn't even pick every one I saw once it started getting rediculous.. But then I got this idea to make them into charms. Now I'm making these glass charms to give to special people.

April 3, 2011

Snowmelt Garbage Dog Treats

Now that the snow is almost gone in Minnesota, I'm finding a lot of things as I walk my dog. The sidewalk salt is bad for their feet, but I can't give the dog a warm paw wash every time we come inside. There's a whole winter's worth of garbage, lost items, rabbit droppings, decomposing squirrels, cigarettes and poop which has all melted out of the snow pile, and is now littering the muddy, moldy grass.  I even found this 1/2 onion on the boulevard, which fell into the snow sometime during the winter.  Onions are toxic to dogs. My dog will grab anything in his mouth, so I have to watch the ground carefully. It's ugly out there.