March 16, 2009

Junk Store Gardening

With the bad economy, a lot more people are turning to gardening this season. Those fancy garden shops can get expensive when you're trying to stock all your supplies.

I did a little shopping at the local surplus store to find some alternative garden tools & accessories.

Perhaps these inflatable insects can help attract beneficial bugs to your garden; and make the yard fashionable too.

Instead of buying a pricey kneeling pad, you can get a whole stack of these mystery foam squares. (You just have to like pink).

If you use a walking stick to stroll around your yard, it makes your property seem larger. (I wouldn't recommend dressing as shown)... And every respectable garden must have rubber chickens. And they're so affordable...( look how happy he is)!!

Did you ever want to freak out your neighbors with your yard waste? Only 25 cents for loads of fun!

Tickets for the garden party.

Have a project in mind? Here's some totally fab "Landscaping Fabric" ...AND you're not hardcore unless you have a gas mask (everybody knows that)...If you're not making a statement, then what are you doing?


Gardeness said...

The blowups would never last in the garden, my little guy would take them for his own. The bio-bags I already use (dogs). Fun post. Oh, I drink tea ... and vodka.

Kevin Frey said...

Gas mask ... now that is what I need out here, the people next door have a bunch of cows and when I'm out in the lilies and the wind is just right my eyes tend to water.

I love the choice of music you have playing here too .... I feel like getting my guitar out and playing along.

Cheers and Happy Gardening.

Aerie-el said...

Those are great! Sort of reminds me of some of the selections in the Seattle store, Archie McPhee's!

peter hoh said...

That store is one of my favorite haunts. I posted a few photos from a recent visit.

Don't know about you, but I couldn't resist the mini garden tools.

garden girl said...

I like that hear ye hear ye garden tools sign! I would definitely buy it if was for sale!