November 23, 2008

Viva Mexico !

I'm planning a trip to Mexico soon...and I will be reporting on the plants I find there. A few things I'll be on the look-out for: Poinsettia "trees" 8 feet tall, Boxwood hedges, Deadly Angel's Trumpet everywhere, and facinating changes in climate with every slight altitude change.
In the lower areas, you'll find coffee, banana, and citrus growing...but climb a bit into the higher altitudes, and you'll find apple orchards, and the beautiful Maguey.
Check back to see my plant findings from Mexico.


buedamau said...

must be great to be able to do it!
i would love to go there too in a road trip, collecting such unusual plants, but mexico it's beyond my possibilities... for now! ;P
keep the good working on

International Flower Spy said...

Neza- I can't wait to see what you find in Mexico! I love those angel trumpets, they drive me crazy with their twisted grace. Have a beauty blast!