July 17, 2008

This Season's Container Plantings

Here are some images of the container plantings I did this season for a business complex in St. Paul. I went with bold colors, red, orange, purple, trying to make it look dark, warm, untamed, informal, exciting, and unique. I mixed many things together to see which plants would grow bigger and push out the others.
TRICKS: I added some flower seeds into the combo pots, so that new things keep sprouting up through the season. ...Also, I mixed a climbing vine (cardinal vine) into a hanging basket, so it goes up and hangs down at the same time...AND in a neglected back area, where I know nobody will water, I planted seeds only of drought tolerant flowers like zinnia, cosmos, and marigold. They are big and blooming now without much care.
My challenges were making it look like something in the spring when it was too cold still for some of the plant varieties...and when the plants were freshly planted, making sure the person in charge of watering doesn't neglect them.
Each year, I try new combinations...this year I was trying to avoid yellow, blues, and whites. Maybe next year I'll do the opposite...we'll see.

We still have at least a month of growing in MN before the temps start to drop; so these plants will get bigger, and in some cases, more leggy.

I like to plant pots with stuff that gets huge. For something experimental, I planted this obnoxious turquoise pot with a variegated Japanese corn!


Lets Plant said...

Great pictures! Have you been on vacation? It has been awhile since your last post. I just posted on a huge discovery my friend and I made last weekend. We found a wild Variegated Sea Grape in the woods. Check it out!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Neza ... I really like all of the different plants you have used .. planting seeds was a great idea too ! .. grasses and the corn are great ! Good colour combos they really catch your eye : )

mamatha said...

hey red.

i love the 'obnoxious turquoise pot", i think that it's gorgeous.

btw, i just bought a few white huge pots from ikea, and am now feeling discouraged for you are saying that there is only one month left to grow plants. tell me that you are exaggerating!!!////??? please!!!

by the way, the pic of you at the very bottom is hot!!! when and where was that pic taken and by whom??

Zoë said...

They are looking great and certainly add lots of vibrant colour to the area.

Best Wishes,


Beth said...

Hey Neza - groovy blog!
I'm a gardener and a huge music fan myself and I like how you have fused your two interests. Now I won't feel guilty anymore when I go in the garden and put on a Clapton or G n' R on the ipod. :O)

peter hoh said...

The containers look great. I think I got enough of a hint to guess where these are. I'll have to wander and take a gander.