June 2, 2008


CLIENT: "Can I ask for your advice on a little tree I just planted"?

ME: "Sure".

CLIENT: "It's a cherry tree...I don't know if I'm supposed to do something".

ME: "Did you BUY it like this"?

CLIENT: "Yes, but it did have a couple leaves on it when I bought it".

ME: "It should have fully leafed out by now, and should have bloomed".

CLIENT: "What do you think is wrong with it"?

ME: "Uh,...Death".


Lets Plant said...

I'm not so sure death is the case. It has looked like this for months and keeps producing tomatoes. I think it is not getting enough sun because it is hanging under a tree. I don't have anywhere else to hang it though that gets more sun. Or it could be something to do with hanging upside down?

peter hoh said...

Pulling out a dead shrub made a client so happy. It wasn't hard to convince her that she hadn't killed it once we saw how rootbound it was.

em said...

i hate when that happens! :-)