February 27, 2008

Who Can Identify The Body?

Time for a winter identification game.

See how many of these 'Sleeping Beauties' you can identify. You Northerners should do better on this. The photographs were just taken in Minnesota. What else is there to do during the long frozen winter? Answers are in the side bar, lower on the page.


kris said...

Hi - I'm a fellow gardener from Minneapolis. I saw your comment on Kate's plot at Blotanical and thought I should take a peek. Great photos! I am so ready for spring - at least the sun is feeling warmer (when it decides to shine - lol).

kate said...

Hi ya!

I guessed the Ninebark and the Lilac. Failed miserably on the rest.

I'm glad you stopped and said hi on Blotanical. There aren't enough of us northern gardeners with blogs, so it is always wonderful to find another.

You are lucky because you live near Kris. I've followed her blog almost since she started blogging - we share a fair number of gardening similarities.

I'll add you to my 'playing in the dirt' links!

GardenJoy4Me said...

This is one great blog .. I'm smiling as I type this *SMILE*
I was so drawn in by the photos I scrolled down to the bottom by mistake .. so I can't take credit for knowing what most of them were .. LOL
Great blog ! Rock ON !!!

Crafty Gardener said...

I managed half of your mysteries. Good idea.

Wicked Gardener said...

Zip for Zip - Must be a northern thing!

(Dave Grohl really SHOULD run for president . . .)